Long Weekend in Bath

Rach and I took off to the beautiful city of Bath in Somerset for a sun drenched exploration of this picturesque postcard of a place.

We stayed in a little B&B called ‘Grosvenor Villa’ which was about a 1.5 miles from the tourist center via a lovely walk along the Bath Canal.   We were looked after in the B&B by Richard who was very helpful as well as having many fun tales to entertain us all!


The walk into Bath took us over the River Avon

On the Sunday morning, we awoke early at 6:30 so we could get into Bath nice and early.  The streets were largely empty which gave us the freedom to enjoy the views without any tourists.

Pulteney Bridge is one of only four in the world that has buildings on both sides

The spa itself has been in use since before 1AD.  10 million liters of water a day are delivered at 45 degrees Celcius and allowed to cool to a temperature ready in the spa.


Just outside Bath is the peaceful Priory Park. It was commissioned by Ralph Allen who made his fortune by creating the first proper postal system.  It fell into disuse and became overgrown for over a hundred years before a National Trust team in 1993 started the long process of restoration.  It is now a beautiful park to spend a couple of hours enjoying the Georgian architecture and views of Bath._MG_0391

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