Visiting the Samburu Village

We spent a few hours in a nearby Samburu Village getting to know some of the people and their way of life.  The children are all schooled locally and village joins together to afford sending only the cleverest to Nairobi over 5 hours away.


The famous warrior dance of the Samburu.


The colourful neck decorations indicate whether a woman is married or available for dating.


At the end of the tour, we were presented with some handicraft that the villages had made and were for sale. After Rach chose a few handmade jewellery items – I had the task of bargaining with the village elder (the man in the top image). He spoke no English and I spoke no Samburu – but with the help of an interpreter – we were able to converse and over the course of half an hour – we agreed on a price and headed on back to the lodge.

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