Beautiful Island of Brač, Croatia

4th June 2016: Brač, Croatia

The group of friends was now up to ten: Rach and me; Darian the birthday boy and Frankie; Harry, Jay and their wives – the twin sisters of Emma and Izzy and Chris and Adrian, the eligible bachelors hoping to meet beautiful Croatian girls.  We boarded the ferry to Brač and 40 minutes later we disembarked in the pretty port of Supertar.

The ferry to Brač

From Supertar, we got a couple of taxis to take us to the small village of Mirca just twenty minutes up the coast where we’d rented a villa for a few days.  It was a great place with a couple of different sleeping annexes and the main house was spacious with a garden, pool and barbecue area.  From the patio, the view stretched over a vegetable field sloping down towards some trees along the sea shore and it was all quite beautiful.

For lunch, we took the taxi back into Supertar and found a great cafe on the harbour front called Konoba Lukin where the staff were friendly, and salads / pizzas / prawns were tasty.

Konoba Lukin cafe with welcoming motorbike
The view from our villa

Shopping for ten people with ten people is an interesting logistical experience.  We divided the long list of food and drinks between us and somehow managed to come back together having got everything we needed plus a whole host of other tit-bits and over fancies.  By now we’d befriended the driver of our local taxi firm who was now in a mini-bus which suited us well!  He even agreed to pick up some extras when we ran out of a few things and bring them to the villa.

The next few days were spent having great fun as we celebrated Frankie’s birthday.  A large ping-pong table at the villa provide endless rounds of ‘Beer Pong’; as many games as we could design were held in the pool and there were enough sun-beds for everyone to relax in between.  More friends came and went depending on how long they were able to stay which added to the merriment.

Boys vs Girls in Beer Pong



On the day of Daz’s actual birthday, we were treated to Harry’s famous barbecue skills and we enjoyed fresh fish lunch served with an array of other delights.


The beach was not too far away just beyond Mirca’s small harbour.  A small bar served us gin and tonics and we walked along the sea shore watching the sun-set.  It was a great holiday and there is plenty more I’d love to come back to around Split.

Mirca harbour and sunset on the nearby beach




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